Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pre Requisite’s for Informatica 10.1.1 HF2 Upgrade from 9.6.1

Pre Requisite’s for Informatica 10.1.1 HF2 Upgrade from 9.6.1

Pre Requisite’s                
1.          Operating system patches and libraries compatible with Informatica 10(RHEL 7 compatible to Informatica 10)
2.          Hardware requirement check (use lscpu, uname -a ,uname -p) command to check
3.          Review the environment variables.(Oracle Home path, Installation directory path, Java Home)
4.          Extract the installer files and provide full privilege
5.          Run the pre-installation (i10Pi) system check tool (on all users domain ,repo)
6.          Installation of Java Developer Kit when you upgrade Informatica 10 on zLinux.
7.          Verify that the operating system meets the file descriptor requirement (ulimit -a)
8.          Back up the Power Center repository.
9.          Verify the user account permissions for the database(Domain user account, Repository user)
10.       Back up any reference data directory at a non-default location in the PowerCenter directory structure.
11.       Record the ODBC data source names of the ODBC connections in the domain.
12.       Verify user account requirements for the domain configuration repository database
13.       DB Backups Create Ticket to take backups od domain and repos
14.       Infa Backups – Infa admins to take backups of Domain and Repo using script level
15.       Check-DB Refresh Interval on Domain properties.
16.       Storage Backups – Create ticket to Linux / Storage to take backup of Server
17.       Take the backup of 961 folders in unix on all servers
18.       Shut down the domain. To shut down the domain, stop the Informatica service process on each node in the domain
19.       Node Configuration
20.       Naming standards for Node creation
21.       take the backup of node properties
22.       Verify that the locale setting is compatible with the code page for the repository.(ISO WESTERN EUROPEAN)
23.       Check the port number availability using netstat -na|grep "port Num",netstat -tulpn|grep 6005
24.       Set the OPEN_CURSORS parameter to 4000 or higher
25.       Domain Configuration
26.       Domain name should be set
27.       You must shut down the domain before you back up domain and then upgrade the domain
28.       Before you upgrade the domain, you must back up the configuration metadata for the domain.(nodemeta,domains.infa)

1.       Informatica10 Software License check
2.       Unix ID creation and connectivity check
3.       Oracle ID Creation and connectivity check
4.       Reviewing the permissions for the Unix users
5.       Review permissions for the oracle users
6.       Oracle client Installation on Centene Development servers
7.       Adding TNS entries and check the DB access from the server level
8.       Copying Informatica software to all the Centene Development servers
9.       Unzip the software and provide privileges on the folder
10.    testing the Informatica jobs on new Sen
11.    provide permissions for the installation folder
12.    Verify the DB User   having all permissions on the DB level
13.    Check the users connectivity Domain user and Repository User
14.    Cross check the naming convention of Domain, repository, IS ,Web services, Node
15.    Informatica 10.x can be upgrade with our current version 9.6.1 HF4
16.    Review the environment variables
17.    Create a New Informatica 10 Installation directory provide full privileges to the folder
18.    login to the same machine with same  Unix user which we have installed previous 9.6 Informatica version
19.    Stop all process that are running on the server
20.    go to installation file click on ./install.sh
21.    Press 1 to Install or Upgrade Informatica
22.    Press 3 to run Informatica installation services
23.    Press y to continue the installation
24.    Press 2 to upgrade Informatica 10.x
25.    enter 1 to use the same node configuration
26.    Installer displays warning to shut down the previous domain click on enter
27.    enter the directory key for encryption of domain
28.    Review the Information of Informatica 10.x upgrade click on enter
29.    check the Installation log and domain log in case of any errors
30.    Review the maximum heap size setting.

Admin Level Testing                         
1.  Create test wfs (Admin Level)
2.  Create sample connections  (Admin Level)
3.  Execute test wfs  (Admin Level)

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