Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Purging BDM workflows from the workflow database

Please make sure to have proper backups before you work on below commands (safer side), on Informatica BDM this command will help to purge workflow transnational details from workflow database.

Starting from Informatica 10.2 HotFix 1, there is a new command available to delete workflow process data from workflow DB. You can configure the command to delete all of the process data in the workflow database. Or, you can delete the process data that the workflows generated during a time period that you specify.

The pruneOldInstances command deletes process data only. The command does not delete any data that a workflow instance or any object in the workflow reads or writes. Likewise, the command does not delete any workflow object metadata.

To delete the process data, you must have the Manage Service privilege on the domain.

The infacmd wfs pruneOldInstances command uses the following syntax:

<-domainname dn=""> domain_name
<-servicename sn=""> service_name
<-username un=""> user_name
<-password pd=""> password
[<-securitydomain sdn=""> security_domain]
<-days d=""> days
[<-resiliencetimeout re=""> timeout_period_in_seconds]


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