Monday, February 27, 2023

Matillion Configuration on AWS EC2 Server with Snowflake Database

 Matillion Configuration on AWS EC2 Server with Snowflake Database

Creating Matillion Instance for Snowflake in AWS:

Steps to be followed:

1.  Create AWS account 

2.  Create Snowflake account. 

3. Create Matillion Hub Account.

4. Launching Matillion Instance for Snowflake in EC2

AWS Account:

1.       1. Navigate to AWS Console


Click on “Create a new AWS account”

2. Enter Your Account Name, Email, Password Details to Signup

Click on Continue

3. 3. Enter Personal Details

4.    Enter Your Debit/Credit Card details

Click on Continue

2.    5. Select on Text/Call Method for Mobile Verification (Call is Preferred Option for Instance Verification)

Snowflake Account:

1. Navigate to and Click on Start For Free

1.       2. Fill Details First Name, Last Name, Email, Organization name &country

1        3. Select Edition and Cloud Provider

1.       4. You will receive a verification email to your email. Click on Activate 

Launching Matillion Instance for Snowflake in EC2:

1.       Navigate to Try Matillion ETL Free Trail for 14 Days.

Click on “Start your Trail” -> It will Redirects to

1.       Select “Amazon Web Services” as your Cloud Provider

Select “Snowflake” as your Cloud Data Platform/Cloud DataWarehouse

Select “Amazon Machine Image(AMI)” as your Delivery Mechanism

1.       It will Redirects to

Enter your AWS Credentials to signin
Select Any Matillion Instance as shown in below and Click “Launch” 

Select Instance type

Click on “Next: Configure Instance Details”

Click on “Next: Add Storage” 

1.       Click Add New volume(Optional)

Click on “Next: Add Tags”

Enter Key Values

Click on “Next: Configure Security Groups”

1.       Add Rule for “HTTP” in Security Groups

Click on “Review and Launch”

1.       Click on Launch

 Click on Open Address Using IPv4 address or IPv4 DNS

2.       Default Credentials for Matillion ETL Username: ec2-user Password:<Instance ID of EC2> 



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