Wednesday, August 7, 2019

BDM List Workflow Running Processes

BDM List Workflow Running Processes

./ wfs listRunningProcesses -dn DOMAIN -un admin -pd admin -sn DIS_BDMPROD >> listRunningProcesses.txt

BDM - List Active Workflow Instances

List Active Workflow Instances

./ wfs listactiveworkflowinstances -dn DOMAIN -un admin -pd admin -sn DIS_BDMPROD >> listactiveworkflowinstances.txt

BDM Metadata Queries

1.1          Application name and object information

select app_id, app_name,Feature_name from MRX_APP_DETAILS
order by 1,2, 3 asc

1.2          Application summary and path details

select project_name, Parent_Path, App_name from MRX_APP_SUMMARY
order by 1,2,3

1.3          Connections and Connection types

select * from MRX_CONNECTIONS

1.4          Mapping Information

Select project_name,Parent_path,Mapping_name from MRX_MAPPINGS

1.5          List data objects for each mapping.

Select * from MRX_MAP_SRCCNT

1.6          List Project and Objects details.

Select Project_name,object_name,object_path from MRX_OBJECT_SUMMARY

1.7          List Physical Data Objects in a Project

select project_name,Parent_path,PDO_name as "Physical_data_Object" from MRX_PDO 

1.8          List of Application Deployed on DIS.

select dis_name,app_name,design_app_name from MRX_RT_APP_SUMRT
order by 1,2,3

1.9          List source and mapping information