Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Read MS Access or Excel Files from Informatica PowerCenter

Using Informatica Power Center we can read MS Access or MS Excel files directly and below are the options to read from UNIX environment.

1. Informatica Power Channel - Separate License is required for setup

2. SequeLink -

Using SequeLink, you can use the data source residing on a Windows machine from PowerCenter that runs on a Linux/ UNIX. E.g. Accessing the Excel or MS Access database residing on a Windows box from a PowerCenter running on a Linux / UNIX Machine

To use SequeLink, install the SequeLink Client on the machine where the PowerCenter Integration Service runs and install the SequeLink Server for ODBC socket on the machine where the data is stored. The SequeLink Server for ODBC Socket includes the SequeLink Service and SequeLink Management Console Snap-in. Use the SequeLink Management Console Snap-in to manage the SequeLink Service. The SequeLink Client includes the ODBC drivers, driver manager, and odbc.ini.

3. B2B: B2B DT in PowerCenter, and parse the file


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Steps to migrate Repository (MS Windows Latin1) to Unicode Repository

Steps to migrate Repository (MS Windows Latin1) to Unicode Repository

  1. Take backup of the already existing MS Windows Latin1 repository (Source Repository)
  2. Copy of Repository Backup File to Target Location
  3. Delete the contents of the existing repository. 
  4. This step makes sure that the database schema is empty and you can restore the contents of the repository with UTF8 code page.
  5. Once the contents are deleted, delete the repository service
  6. Create a new repository service with code page UTF-8 and choose not to create contents. You can re-use the same database scheme
  7. Once the repository has been created you can restore the backup of the contents already taken in Source repo.