Friday, January 20, 2017

Informatica Metadata Queries - 8 MAPPLET

8.1         List Mapplets in all folders

select subject_area,mapplet_name from rep_all_mapplets
order by 1,2

8.2         List Mapplet parameters and variables

select distinct rep_reposit_info.repository_name, rep_all_mapplets.subject_area
as folder_name, rep_all_mapplets.mapplet_name as object_name,
case when opb_map_parmvar.pv_flag = 2 then 'Mapplet Parameter' else
case when opb_map_parmvar.pv_flag = 3 then 'Mapplet Variable' end
end as parameter_type, opb_map_parmvar.pv_name as parameter_name,
opb_map_parmvar.pv_default as parameter_value,
opb_map_parmvar.pv_desc as description
from rep_all_mapplets, rep_widget_inst, opb_mapping, opb_map_parmvar, rep_reposit_info
where rep_all_mapplets.mapplet_id=opb_mapping.mapping_id
and rep_widget_inst.widget_id=opb_mapping.ref_widget_id
and opb_mapping.mapping_id=opb_map_parmvar.mapping_id

and rep_widget_inst.widget_type=44

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