Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Matillion Upgrade Steps from 1.54 to 1.59


Step 1: Open Server and get the root access

Sudo su –

 Step2: execute below command to show the current version of Matillion installed

# yum list installed Matillion*

NOTE: There are 2 files shown. These two files need to be updated for upgrading Matillion.

Step 3: Refresh the package present in local yum repository.

3.1 Execute the below command to check the existing/predownloaded package available in local library.  It shows both files.

# yum list available matillion-emerald --showduplicates

# yum list available matillion-emerald-cdata --showduplicates

3.2 As the existing local library does not contain the latest package, the library needs to get cleared and re downloaded.

# yum clean all

Now this command will download the latest package update to server.

# yum list available matillion-emerald-cdata --showduplicates

# yum list available matillion-emerald --showduplicates

Step 4: Installing the downloaded package 1.59. This has to be in same order.

4.1 Installing the 1st package Noarch

# yum update matillion-emerald-1.59.11-1

Type y and press ENTER

4.2 Installing the 2nd Package C-data

# yum update matillion-emerald-cdata-1.59.11-2

Type y and press ENTER

4.3 Check the updated version

# yum list installed  matillion*

Step 5: Check for tomcat services are up and running

# service tomcat8 status

Step 6: Login into Matillion site and check for the updated version.

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